Panniculitis refer to the inflammation of the fatty deposits or adipose tissue that can be seen most particularly in the abdominal area. Mesenteric Panniculitis is a rare inflammatory disease that affects the subcutaneous adipose tissue of the mesentery or the small bowel area that is characterized by blockage to the small intestine. It was first referred to as retractile mesentery by Jura in 1024 and was renamed as mesenteric ...

Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

pregnancy symptoms week by week image Pregnancy symptoms week by week is one of the concerns of pregnant women because they want to know what is happening to their bodies as well as what is happening inside their womb. This article discusses the pregnancy symptoms week by week as well as the fetal development week by week. It shows the possible pregnancy symptoms week by week in order for expecting mothers to expect and prepare for the changes throughout pregnancy. The most important thing of knowing

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Smoking During Pregnancy Risks, Effects to Mother and Baby

Smoking During Pregnancy Risks, Effects to Mother and Baby Smoking is one of the vices that have a negative impact on health. According to most obstetricians, smoking has been the leading cause of adverse effects to babies. Cigarette smoke contains more than enough chemicals that can produce harsh effects to the baby and the mother. It contains up to 4,000 harsh substances such as nicotine, tar, lead, cyanide and many more. It also contains up to 60 carcinogens that can travel through the blood stream and cross the placenta.

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Top 10 Healthy Fast Food Tips

Healthy Fast Food Most people dine in fast food chains because it is convenient, cheap and offers well tasting foods. Fast foods also offer on the go meals that are beneficial to people with a fast-paced life. Children as well as adults become fanatics of fast foods because of combo meals that have one or more food choices, plus they come in very appetizing plating. The fall back of fast foods is that most of the foods they offer are not healthy. Eating

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How to Measure, Lose, and Prevent Body Fat

Excess body fat What is Body Fat? Body fat, which is made up of fatty acids and glycerol, is an essential energy source for muscles. The essential fat will regulate the temperature of your body, which also serves as insulator of the organs, acts as a cushion, and is a storage area for energy. It is known to be the essential component of the human body. This is what is measured when using those methods mentioned awhile ago. How much normal body fat

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Herpetic Gingivostomatitis

What is Herpetic Gingivostomatitis? Herpetic Gingivostomatitis is the fusion of stomatitis and gingivitis or in layman’s term as the inflammation of the gingival and the oral mucosa. It is known to have lesions found in the mouth’s soft tissues and those surrounding the lips.  This kind of disease condition is caused by a virus, particularly the herpes simplex virus type 1 or otherwise called as HSV-1. You get this virus through sexually transmission via contact of the saliva of the infected

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ECG_in_hyperkalemia What is Potassium? Potassium is a metal with a chemical symbol of K (kalium). Like sodium, it is silver to white in color. Potassium is very reactive to water and may cause combustion of the hydrogen component. Potassium is naturally present as ionic salts as part of several minerals. It is also found in seawater like sodium. Potassium is very abundant in plants and has high concentrations in almost all fruits such as bananas, apples, pear, etc. Potassium is essential

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Stomach Pain After Eating

The stomach is part of the digestive system that is a muscular organ that is located at the upper left quadrant of the abdomen. It is responsible for digestion of the food that we consume. Stomach pain after Eating Causes There are some people who encounter stomach pain after eating. This may indicate a severe or mild problem such as: Ulcers When one has ulcers, one will manifest stomach pain after eating. Ulcers are shallow erosion of the lining of

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Herpes Encephalitis

Herpes Encephalitis Pic What is Herpes Encephalitis? Herpes Encephalitis which is otherwise known as herpetic brainstem encephalitis, herpetic meningoencephalitis or HSE is a medical condition that, according to statistics, is responsible for the 10 percent of the persons who are suffering from encephalitis. Encephalitis is a medical condition that happens when there is an inflammation in the brain because of viral infections and other kinds of infections. Other would define herpes encephalitis as a viral kind of encephalitis. Meanwhile, herpes simplex virus (1)

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Sinus Headache

What is Sinus Headache? Sinus Headache is a condition of your sinuses, which is found lining in your membranes, which is inflamed and swollen. It may accompany the sinusitis disorder. It occurs as a result of a congestion or trapped mucus that has built up in the person’s paranasal cavities of the sinus. The sinuses are cavities that are bony air filled which is connected to the head through the nose through the ostia, which is a small opening in

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Priapism – Pictures, Treatment, Definition, Causes

Priapism image What is Priapism? Priapism is a medical condition involving the persistent erection of the penis or the clitoris, despite absence of stimulation that can last up to four hours. Because of the persistent erection for hours, it leads to severe pain because of poor blood circulation. Priapism is considered a medical emergency because it may lead to severe ischemia of the tissues. Early emergency treatment often prevents functional disabilities such as erectile dysfunction and disfiguring of the penis. Priapism usually

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