Penile Fracture (Broken Penis) – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Surgery, Pictures

What is Penile Fracture?

Broken Penis is a fracture of the penis where it affects directly the Tunica albuginea. It is a tissue that envelopes and protects the corpora cavernous penis. The tissue Tunica albuginea is mainly involved in the erection of the penis with the help of the Buck’s fascia where deep dorsal vein restrict the blood from leaving the penis and then maintain the erection. Once the penis is traumatized, the tunica albuginea may be ripped off and cause a bleeding or hematoma on the area. This damage may be the reason why the penis will not erect because the tunica albuginea is broken.

Broken Penis Symptoms & Signs

  • Rolling Sign – a firm, stiff, and palpable hematoma – the blood seeped out of the cylinder where it is enveloped by the tunica albuginea
  • Pain in the penis
  • Ecchymosis of the penis
  • Audible popping sound
  • Eggplant Deformity – the Broken Penis has the appearance of an eggplant where it is swelled, curved like the letter S, bruised, and angled off towards the other side of the penis.
  • Extension of the swelling and hematoma to the scrotum, perineum, and suprapubic region
  • Potential injury of the urethra – Dysuria, hematuria, urinary retention, blood present at the penile meatus

Broken Penis Causes & Riskfactors

  • When a penis is accidentally traumatized or bended laterally more than it has to during an erection may cause pulling of the stiff tissue of tunica albuginea, therefore lacerating the area. In some instances, Broken Penis happens during a sexual intercourse. Intense and aggressive positions and acrobatic activities can give rise to the pulling and damaging of the tissue of the erected penis and flexing it beyond its strength.
  • Aggressive masturbation may put the penis into damaging the tunica albuginea
  • Taqaandan – a practice that is performed to detect the existence of erection by bending the head part of the penis while the shaft is erected. There will be a click that is felt and heard. It is similar to the cracking of the knuckles and supposed to be painless. This practice has been reported to cause penile fracture or broken penis.
  • Gunshot at the genital area – approximately 35% of the genital injuries are caused by gunshot.
  • Stab wounds at the genital area
  • Penile Amputation – it involves the mutilation of own genitals. It is mostly associated with people who have psychotic disorders.
  • Genital Skin Loss – an infection where in involves gangrene of the soft tissues of the genitalia. It is a rare occurrence but Fournier gangrene makes up the 75% of the cases of genital skin loss.
  • Human or Animal Bites on the genital area
  • Burns on the genital area

Broken Penis Diagnosis

The Broken penis is usually first seen and diagnosed by taking the health history of the patient, performing the physical examinations. Assessment of the Broken Penis by the health care provider should find the clinical manifestations before diagnosing Broken Penis. In some cases, to detect if there’s a presence of urethral injury in the Broken Penis, imaging studies are done such as

  • Cavernosography – a routine specific radiographic visualization of the corpus cavernosum of the Broken Penis.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI)
  • Urethrographic Studies – this is to confirm or rule out the damage of the urethra and the extension of the trauma.

Broken Penis Treatment

a. Non-invasive medical management

1. Stabilization and Adequate fluids – to replace the blood loss to hematomas

2. The Broken Penis should be given proper compression, penis splints and bandages to avoid unnecessary painful erection of the Broken Penis and further damage the corpus cavernosum.

3. Cold compress – this is to relieve the Broken Penis from pain and hematoma

4. Administration of prescribed medication for the Broken Penis

  • Antibiotics are given to avoid the development of infection on the Broken penis
  • Estrogens that inhibits the erection the broken penis
  • Pain killers are also given to relieve the patient from the pain
  • Anticoagulants and thrombolytic drugs to avoid formation to much blood clot that may develop but should be use with proper caution to avoid uncontrolled bleeding.

5. Proper and Sterile Wound Care by cleaning the broken penis of dirt, debris, dead cells and wrapping with sterile gauze that is done every day (or as ordered by the doctor).

b. Invasive Surgical Management

No matter how small or big the trauma has inflicted the penis, surgical restoration of the penis is done to correct the damage done to the tunica albuginea, avoid the complications, erectile dysfunction, and urethral damage. Records show that 92% of the surgeries done had great results. There are three various types of incisions that are done to restore the broken penis:

1. Incision of the affected area to visualize the extension of the defect. It also provides examination of the nerve bundles that are affected in the broken penis.

2. Inguinal – scrotal incision is giving a great view of the broken penis’ root, base, and rear portion.

3. Circumferential – degloving incision is the one that is usually suggested by health care providers because it gives excellent cosmetic outcomes. This is the incision that provides the surgeon the entire exposure of the bilateral corpora cavernosa.

In some cases like penetrating trauma or presence of gangrene in the broken penis, the surgery should include these management:

  • The necrotic and gangrene tissue should be incised and debrided.
  • Intensive sterile cleaning of the area with antibiotic solution, creams, and Povidine.
  • Skin graft is done if the affected area is large and needed to be covered.


Erection of the penis is inevitable because it is the penis’ nature to erect when stimulated sexually. One solution is to avoid the position that may cause too much bending of the penis. Also, broken penis occurs when it is banged against the partner’s pubic bone or any hard surfaces.


Broken penis picture diagramatic

Picture 1 – Diagramatic representation of broken penis (Truely, bone is absent in penis)

Penis anatomy structure

Picture 2 – Real anatomy inside penis

Image Source –

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25 Responses to “Penile Fracture (Broken Penis) – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Surgery, Pictures”

  • Andy says:

    Ok I really need help! I hate email and text because far to much interpretation. I am desperate for help!!!! Currently told I have peyronies which i can deal with my bent huge pe**s, but now my pe**s is 10% the size it used be an now isn’t even hard enough to have s*x. Please help Andy.

  • Susan mwangi says:

    This is good. Had no idea they can break. Thank u

  • THOMAS says:


  • wisdom says:

    dear doctor,i got a nod in my penis 8months,ago which increased,in size and gradually cause erectile dysfuntion, penile shrinkage in mid and pre mature ejaculation, i am married having children and aged 40. plz give solution to sort out this problem and enjoy my marital life.awaing for ur favorable quick response.
    regards. wisdom

  • cojoe says:

    I was having sex doggy style and slipped out and My female and I both slammed towards eachother and I missed and pushed My penis back. I didn’t fold it or feel a pop. It’s been 5 days and I still have this pain internally right behind My sac. I can become erected but if I push My penis to the side or up and down the pain is bad. So I can’t have sex and its killing me!!!! Please tell me what this means and give me a solution….. Thanks, big D

  • aravindan says:

    For the past 3-4 months i could notice that my penis is bent to its right when erect. Before that, its was pucca straight always. Now, it is straight when not erect and bent to right just below the rim/bud. And it is paining when it is erect. Recently, even when not erect, while giving force/pressure while passing stool(motion), the spot (around the place of bend) pains just like pulses. Could it be a case of penile fracture?

    And also suggest any surgeon in Chennai, who is expert in treating this type of cases, whom i can consult.


  • Mike says:

    I broke my penis about 3 years ago,,never knew I broke it,,Heard a pop ,had no pain and never noticed a difference till some time later when I woke with a painful erection and it had an awkward bend to it ,,like a banana pointed down,,was depressed for years over it but didnt use it often so I didnt care,,it used to be 9 inches ,,I have a girlfriend now and the sex i give her is terrible I lost 3 inches in size and it is hard to get a penis with that shape comfortably in her,,can It be fixed at this point,,I need help.

  • mate rex says:

    hi doctor ama, i hope you are fine.
    just one thing doc. i believe i broke
    the root of my penis when i heared
    a pop sound, i passed urine with few
    blood clots with biting pain. i did medics
    at our university teaching hospital and was
    given nothing but an erection gel, i get below
    normal erections and feel i need operation. but
    is it possible and where?

    • admin says:

      If you saw blood clots and heard a popping sound, it is possible that you had a penile fracture. However, you should be feeling pain until now and would have rushed yourself in the hospital if that’s the case. I think it’s better to get a consult so they can do some diagnostic tests and determine if you really had fracture.

  • Anonymous says:

    i was hardcore masturbater and in 2009 is was masturating when i heard a cracking sound and saw internal blood spots on lower left side of my erected penis , experiencd pulsing pain while peeing . The spot disapeard in weeks but am having pain sometimes and cant keep my penis erected for long and its slim at base when erected while hell thick in middle of shaft ! Plus i’ve left-hernia , can the pain i experience is because of hernia or the injury i got in 2009 ? Please help me , am extremly depressed and am still single ! Please help me out !

  • keamogetse says:

    My boyfriends pines is not erecting , course its vein its broken , can he get treatment , and will it ever erect again

    • keamogetse says:

      Can you please refer me to the best doctors in south africa that specials in. Penis , my boyfriend is out of the country he is at sudan , he is a pace maker , he is out on a war , he told me that his penis is not working , that he has broken his vein , and the doctors that side sad it will never erect , please get us help

  • Ben says:

    Dear Doctor,

    During sex I felt my penis bend and then when i looked to see if there was any damage, i saw a 4 cm length of vein-like tube that is bulging out from the base of the shaft and going straight upwards to the tip.

    This tube-like structure has ballooned up like its filled with air but it feels hard and it slides around under my skin. At first I thought one of the big veins in my penis had broken in half because the tip of the vein just comes to an end half way up the penis and its just floating under the skin. I then realized it is not a vein because it does not have the bluish color that veins have. When i hold a bright light behind the damaged area i can see right through the bulging tube as if it was filled with clear fluid or air.

    Several hours after the injury the tube started to get softer and looked like it shrieked but then when i woke up in the middle of the night to use the toilet i was shocked to see the bulging hard tube had come back. After going back to sleep, I woke up in the morning to once again find that the hard tube had resurfaced but now it appeared worse and more lumpy. It also appears when crouch down or sit in a squatting position.

    I can refrain from sexual activity for as long as it takes to heal but I am worried because the problem is now occurring during sleep or from certain seated positions which seem to aggravate it. Thank you for your time and for any help you are able to offer me.

  • Mohamud says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I feel that my penis is not fully hard erection because of problem I feel damge occure left side in corpus cavernosum area.I can feel that blood is not filling in the left side when I erected and also not erected.My penis is very tin and short. I can not stay sexual intercourse no more then seconds and I lost hardness of penis.
    I used to make masturbation and keep hard with bed on the left side to put presser in the penis while I was young and more then years.Because of these and other problem my be would resulted some damage in the blood tussues.
    Please,give me any advice on this.

  • kelley brupbacher says:

    Dear Dr.
    I fractured my penis last week and went straight to the ER and had surgery the next day. Just wondering and worried about size loss and if that will happen. Thank you….

  • kelley brupbacher says:

    Dear Dr.
    I fractured my penis a week ago and went to the ER right away and surgery the next morning. I’ve been wondering and worried about size loss because my erections now are not like they were before the accident. Is it just because its a recent injury or will I have a loss in size. Thank you…..Kelley

    • Donte says:

      Hi Kelley, I believe I fractured my penis. I’m scared as hell. I’m about to go the ER. I was curious if things got better for you after healing up. Thanks

  • E T says:


  • Rachel says:

    My husband and I have been married for 23 years. When we were having sex when we first got marries 23 years ago I was on top and we heard a loud POP ! Being 18 and not knowing anything we jokingly said I broke your penis.But now that were older he really never gets a full erection and alot of the time cant even finish because it goes soft while having intercourse. Does this require Dr.s attention or can a penis pump or something like that help ? It never turned into a bruise or didnt swell but we did hear a loud POP . Thank you for any help . R.D.

  • kman says:

    Doc,i’ve just broken my penis when forced it to bend to the right hand side of my thigh. I heard a poping sound a instantly it begun to swell. i’m scheduled to meet a surgion soon. Will i ever be normal again?

  • Will says:

    My penis is getting smaller. It will get some erection but not like it used to be. It gets soft, it goes crooked whenever making love also. Length has decreased several inches. What is wrong? !My pop was trying yo make me appt with urologist but no one near takes my insurance.,please if uncan givevme an answer as what to do. Thanks

  • Bobby says:

    I was have sex with girl on top my penis bent with pain & blood came out of penis no pain but penis is black what should I do

    • Mike says:

      Use a rubber band or wrap twine tightly, as close to the base as you can, to restrict blood flow. Then use a sharp knife or other sharp instrument to cut off, the shaft (not your testicles), again as close to the base as possible. Immediately cauterize the area. Apply an antibiotic ointment to the area twice daily until healed. Good luck! Please be sure to come back and update on your progress.

  • Wesley says:

    More or less 8 months ago I head sex with my girlfriend, her vagina was kind of dry and muscle on the top of my penis next to the head broke. I am using an ointment triple antibiotic but it does not want to heal completely. The injured skin is healed but inside is always read and when I have sex it breaks again. I think I need stitches bc muscle is broken inside. What I should do?

  • Donte says:

    Dear doctor, I was having sexy with my wife, and her vagina was very dry.My penis popped. I have not been able to have regular erections. Its painful. It happened about a week and a half ago. What should I do? It’s Friday and my doctors appointment is on Monday. Should I rush to the emergency room? Please respond. Thanks

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