Causes of Autism During Pregnancy

Prenatal Causes of Autism

Pregnancy period is an important time frame because only in that stage, the child’s mental health is determined. Thus autism too in most of the cases develops during the prenatal stage itself.

Some causes of autism during pregnancy (prenatal causes) are


The age of mother and father plays an important role in child birth. Recent studies and researches proved that a woman must give birth to her child within her early 30’s. Similarly, men too must become father before their mid-thirties, since old sperms when fertilized may cause mental illness in the child.


Viral infections in mother at early stage of pregnancy will become a major cause to autism. Mothers-to-be have to be careful about their health from day 1 of the pregnancy as any disease or infection to them may cause autism, ASD or schizophrenia.

Exposure to chemicals

When pregnant ladies are exposed to certain chemicals like pyrethrin, diazinon etc. their embryo tends to be more prone to autism. Similarly certain antibodies present in mother’s body enters placenta and attacks the embryo’s brain thus causing autism.


If testosterone levels are high in a pregnant female, i.e. if she has more male characteristics then the child is more likely to develop autism.

Diseases of mother during pregnancy

The risk of autism in a child of a diabetic mother is twofold than normal one. When the diabetes is not controlled during pregnancy stages, then the child may have oxidative stress, which in turn leads to autism. Nonetheless, the diabetes itself directly doesn’t cause autism. It’s believed that the thyroid problems in mother may lead to autism, however the hypothesis is yet unproved.


Stress in any form during pregnancy is a major cause for the mental illness of the child. Any form of physical or mental harassment to the mother would have an adverse effect on the embryo.

Other factors

Some other factors for autism during pregnancy are the intensity of ultra sound scans, mal nutrition, side effects of drugs, smoking and other ill habits, vaccines, etc.

Although the exact cause cannot be determined, the above quoted factors are the basis of autism during pregnancy. It’s a well known fact that autism can’t be completely cured. However with right steps, it can be prevented. Take those right steps now because “Prevention is better than cure”.

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