Diets for Quick Weight Loss

Do you want to have quick weight loss results? Every person wanting to lose weight may want to reach their goals in a faster way. Although there are proven weight loss programs as well as home remedies for weight loss that promise effective results, people are still finding ways to lose weight faster than any of these.

Diets for quick weight loss have offered a solution for the quick weight loss needs of people. There are a lot of diet fads out in the market that promisequick results as fast as 1 week. Because of this, people began using these diets for quick weight loss for a faster realization of their weight loss goals.

If you want to lose weight faster than anyone, you may consider the following diets for quick weight loss:

diets for quick weight loss

1. 3-day Diet

Because of the fast results promised by this diet, it has become one of the most popular weight loss diets used by people. This type of diet is simple a low calorie diet. In fact, there are no additional features of this diet aside from being a low-calorie one that you need to take every day. Since there is sudden drop in calories, most of the weight loss is in the form of water loss and some fat loss.

2. Cabbage Soup Diet

As the name implies, this diet entails the use of cabbage soup to aid in weight loss. The cabbagesoup diet actually includes a 7 day email plan to aid in weight loss in as fast as 7 days. This diet also needs people to avoid carbonated beverages, alcohol and even bread. CabbageSoup Diet may provide fast results, but does not provide long-term results since the meal plan is only short-term, unless you can live with a cabbage soup over your lifetime. This may be beneficial for those who need to look good for a particular occasion within the next 7 days.

3. 17 Day Diet

The 17 Day Diet promises weight loss of 10 to 12 pounds in 17 days. This diet utilizes a low-acarb diet. It includes 4 phases of dieting including Accelerate, Activate, Achieve and Arrive. The Accelerate phase reduces your carbohydrate intake dramatically. During the second phase, it involves carbohydrate recycling to reset the metabolism for a more effective fat bringing process. In the Achieve phase, you develop a healthier eating habit. The final phase actually allows you to eat a healthy diet during the week including healthy snacks for weight loss and indulging in your diet duringweekends to avoid food cravings.

4. HCG Diet

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone secreted by the uterus among pregnant women. The diet involves the use of HCG along with a weight loss diet. Despite being effective, HCG diet is negated by some experts because HCG is one of the illegal drugs today.

5. Weight Loss Grail

Weight Loss Grail is a diet plan that promises a weight loss of 28 pounds in 28 days. It is especially designed to keep people from being hungry or giving up favorite foods. Weight Loss Grail involves eating six small meals a day instead of three large meals to prevent hunger while losing weight. It also assists people to be knowledgeable about weight loss for a more holistic approach. It is one of the beneficial weight loss programs for women and men because it allows for a long-term result as people can continue what they have learned.

Among these, the 17 Day diet and the Weight Loss Grail are evaluated as safe by experts because of the not so rapid weight loss results. Other diets for quick weight loss may be effective and may show realistic before and after weight loss pictures, but the safety may be in question. Nevertheless, make sure to consult health experts beforeundertaking these diets for quick weight loss.

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