Morgellons Disease

What is Morgellons Disease?

Morgellons Disease is a condition, which up to this point have not been able to have an acceptable medical condition. The name given was by an advocacy group founded in the United States of America. It started with the woman whose son suffered the symptoms that are associated with this disease. She named the condition to an ancient disease where black hairs would usually exit the skin. As up to this moment, this very rare condition is still unexplained.

Some of the health professionals claimed that this is not a medical condition that can be explained scientifically in nature but it is a condition that deals with the psychological aspect. Some believes that the symptoms being described by patients, who state that they have such kind of disease condition, are actually makings of the mind. For them, it is not true. Some are even diagnosed as having a Delusional Parasitosis. However, those who have experience having such symptoms linking to this disease, claims that it is not psychological in nature and that their symptoms are real. Some, who has this disease, are often misdiagnosed as having Lyme disease, which also manifests similar symptoms.

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Symptoms & Signs

Persons who have the Morgellons disease say that they manifest the following common symptoms:

Physical symptoms

  1. biting, creeping and stinging sensation
  2. eruption of fibers from the lesion
  3. granules on skin
  4. black speck-like material
  5. fatigue
  6. hair loss
  7. vision loss
  8. periodontal disease

Mental symptoms

  1. Short term memory loss
  2. Thought process is impaired
  3. Attention deficit
  4. Depression
  5. Neurological problem

The persons who affirms that they have the disease describes that an insect or insects are crawling and digging a hole in their skin, making the person feel as if something is biting or even stinging them. Plus there are lesions that accompany these sensations that they are feeling. The lesions are the type that does not heal. It is correlated with structures that are unusual and bizarre that has an appearance of multi colored filamentous, fiber like strands. The color of these lesions varies from white, blue, black or red. Aside from that, their hair’s become dry and brittle.

Hence, are more prone to hair loss. Also, they experience a somewhat granular feeling in their eyes. They sometimes have problems with regarding their visions. They also experience fatigue due to total exhaustion in scratching the itchiest areas of their body where they claim to be the location of the insects that are crawling. In addition, person with this disease are reported to experience having short term memory loss, along with having an unclear way of thinking.

They find it difficult to process thoughts. Thus, they are unable to express themselves in as normal way as they can. They have ADHD or attention deficit disorders for they are unable to concentrate. And lastly, they experience depression during the actual phase of the disease.


The exact etiology of this disease condition is not yet, as of the moment, been known. The cause of this unknown skin disease has been in debates. Some says it is environmentally caused. While others suggest it is psychological in nature. Those who states that this disease is caused by environment factors leads to the findings that it is associated with three bacterial pathogens namely Borrelia species, Chlamydophila pneumonia and Babesia species. On the other hand, those who says that this disease is linked to psychological condition, believes that it is analogous to delusional parasitosis and reflects that of obsessive compulsive disorder of skin picking oneself.


There are two treatment options that are believed to cure this disease. This includes Holistic treatment options, and medical treatment options.

Holistic Treatment Options

Since it is a skin disease, when bathing, the use of Epsom salts and the like may help in preventing the itchy feeling of the disease. Consumption of vegetables and fruits, which is washed in chemically free water, that have low sugar components are advised. Also wearing clothes only once before washing it and the use of baking soda, salt, borax and botanical blends to wash the clothes is very much recommended.

Drinking water that is only purified will help in the body purification and prevents dehydration. The usage of ammonia, bleach, pesticides, mineral oils/fragrance, and any other cleansing items that are of similar kind should not be further use for it might be the cause the disease to get worse. Holistically, the main aim is the totality of living healthily minus the chemicals.

Medical Treatment Options

The treatments that are under this are limited. It includes the same medication used to treat Lyme disease. The main reason why some of the physician misdiagnoses this condition is the fact that it can be treated with the same medication that treats other disease conditions such as Lyme disease.


As mentioned earlier, one of the mental symptoms that is associated with this disease is depression. Antidepressants are prescribed in treating this symptom along with the treatment of ADHD or attention deficit disorder.


Antibiotics offer relief. Antibiotics may be bacteriostatic or bactericidal in nature. Those who claimed earlier that this disease is caused by bacteria will prescribe certain antibiotics.

Anti fungal & Laser Skin Treatment

Medications such as anti fungal may be beneficial for people having this kind of disease. Laser skin treatments also offer a relief of this skin disease. Although, it might be an expensive option to some, still it provides great and effective results.


The disease itself is undergoing such further studies. The exact complications haven’t been really been exposed. However, there is a study that shows that the parasites that are associated with this disease, weakens the function of the immune system. The parasites are said to be carriers of protozoan, Lyme and or Toxoplasma Gondii.

Morgellons Disease Research

The research of this unusual disease was brought about a mother searching for answers to her sick child who manifest the symptoms associated with this kind of disease. The aim of the overall research is to gain knowledge of the pathology, etiology and medical treatment that will aid in curing the disease and understanding further the patients who has the disease per se.

As mentioned earlier, this disease is still undergoing numerous studies in order to pinpoint the exact etiology and come up with the exact treatment for this disease. Hence, persons who claim to manifest the symptoms, have to be patient enough with regards to the treatment. The physicians, due to the fact that there is a poor knowledge of this condition, would tempt to give medications in a trial and error method.


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Morgellons Disease images

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Morgellons Disease pics

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