Prognosis of Liver Cancer

Liver cancer occurs due to metastatic effect of other cancers on liver. Prognosis of liver cancer depends on the stage of cancer. If the cancer is in the early stage, its prognosis is good whilst if is in the advanced stage, the prognosis is poor. The habit of smoking in the patient has also the capability of judging the prognosis level of lung cancer. The prognosis of liver cancer depends on the extent of metastasis, size and number of the tumors, functioning of the liver, levels of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and general body health.

Prognosis of secondary (metastatic) liver cancer

Metastatic liver can be diagnosed when patient exhibits tenderness and pain in the liver. Metastatic type of liver cancer is very dreadful and fatal. Prognosis of this is poor. Patients once diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer have a maximum life expectancy of less than a year.

Prognosis of stage 4, 3, 2 of liver cancer

Stage two of liver cancer is determined by small sized nodules or tumors within the liver. Treatment is focused on either killing the cancer cells by treatment or atleast stopping further growth of the tumors. Prognosis of this stage is comparatively good.

Stage three of liver cancer is determined by the spread of the tumor to other specific organs such as lymphatic tissues, unilaterally on both sides of diaphragm. This condition is known to be advanced locally. Prognosis of this stage depends on the extent of local organs involved and the extent of lymphatic tissue damage too. Prognosis is fair if the cancer can be eliminated or atleast prevented from further growth.

Stage four of liver cancer is fatal as it advances to several body organs like lungs, gall bladder, bones and even brain too. Prognosis of this stage is poor. The life expectancy of the patient will also be reduced to not more than one month.

Life expectancy of patients with liver cancer

If liver cancer is detected in early stages like stage 1, treatment options to cure the disease are more. In such cases the life expectancy of the patient will not be affected much. In cases of lung cancer in stage 2 or 3, the disease is advanced locally and hence with proper care or treatment the life expectancy of the patient can be 5 years and if the mile stone is crosses it can extend to 30% more. In cases where there is liver transplantation done, about 75% cases achieve a life expectancy of 5 years. In metastatic/ 4th stage of liver cancer, transplantation of liver has no use and the expectancy rate is just about I year.

Prognosis of liver cancer without treatment

In severe cases, i.e. stage 4 cancer treatment will be of no use. Liver transplantation will have 0% effect on the patient. Prognosis of liver cancer without treatment is generally poor.

On the whole, the prognosis of liver cancer varies from person to person and also depends on the stages of cancer.

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