Red Bumps on Skin

What are Red Bumps on Skin?

Bumps on the skin generally are abnormally raised areas of the skin. The cause of a bump goes a long way to indicate the type of bump. In the course of this article, we are going to discuss mainly the red bumps on the skin, and the following shall be taken to cognizance:

  • Red bumps on skin that itch

red bumps image

Image 1 – Red bumps on skin that itch

  • Red bumps on skin that do not itch
  • Small red bumps on skin

red bumps on skin


Image 2 – Small red bumps on skin

  • Raised red bumps on skin

raised red bumps

Image 3 – Raised red bumps on skin

Furthermore, each of the above point can give a clue about the nature of the red bump. For instance, the first type – read bumps that itch – may indicate a bacterial infection, or bite from a heamatophagus insect (insects that sucks blood), or presence of a disease condition such as infection by the herpesvirus called “varicella-zoster virus”which cause chickenpox.

Red bumps on skin that do not itch may herald possible reaction to a chemical; an instance of which may be the release of histamines when you change your body cream and your dermal system is reacting negatively to the cream, possibly because of the presence of the presence of a substance to which you are allergic to.

Small red bumps on skin are usually allergic reactions, or mere erection of the arrector pili (the muscle attached to hair follicle which contract or relax to intrinsic and extrinsic environmental conditions) to from “goose bumps”.

Raised red bumps on skin may indicate mechanical injury.

As mentioned earlier, these do not confirm any of the instantiated conditions, unless by appropriate medical procedures.

Red Bumps on Skin Symptoms

In the course of our discussion, we made it clear that the presence of red bumps on skin does not always indicate the presence of a disease condition, or an infection. Therefore the type of the red bump will explicitly present its obvious symptoms.

In the case of red bumps on skin, there may be:

  • Slight increase in temperature, mostly in the case of red bumps on skin as a result of the presence of infective agents.
  • Cold
  • Irritation
  • Itching
  • Pain, especially in the case of infection

Red Bumps on Skin Causes

In a view to make this condition easily comprehended, red bumps are just normal dermal (skin) lesions that got filled-up with blood cell. Now, it does not just come straight like that; let us break it down.

Blood is the basic means of transporting or circulating vital substances that are needed throughout by the body cells. These circulated substances include: blood cells, oxygen, nutrients, enzymes, etc. In a view to bring this down to the understanding of all, basically when there is a presence of a foreign material in a particular area of the skin, skin receptors send message to the brain, and the brain try to “take the situation under control”. This may then require the brain to send command to some glands or organs to release some substances. If such substance released does not have a duct, it may have to be transported through the blood. Therefore, this can bring about the concentration of blood in the region – resulting in a typical red bump.

The scenario explained above explains common red bumps – which can also be the case during bruises, in which blood cells concentrates on the site of injury in order to prevent possible intrusion of germs or infectious agents.

The environments can also cause the occurrence of red bumps in some areas of the skin. This is evident in a situation whereby baby urinates in a napkin. If the napkin is made of an absorbent material and the wet napkin stays for a long time around its buttocks, small red bumps can develop on the skin in the region around the buttocks.

In the light of the information above, red bumps on skin is mainly caused by (but not limited to) the following:

  • Insect bite
  • Allergic reaction
  • Symptom of a disease
  • Mechanical injury
  • Presence of acne
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic environment

Red Bumps on Skin Diagnosis

Diagnosis entails the process of determining the nature of a disorder by considering the signs and symptoms exhibited by the patient and may also include medical observations.

Therefore, simple medical observation can diagnose the nature of red bumps on the skin. In cases of red bumps caused by infection, medical test may be required of diagnosis.

Furthermore, the environment in which the patient is can contribute a vital point to diagnosing the nature of the read bumps. Therefore, the diagnosis of red bumps on the skin can include:

  • Medical test
  • Physiotherapy: Especially in the case of red bumps on the skin that is influenced by the environment, whereby the environmental condition of the patient is countenanced.

Red Bumps on Skin Treatment

In the treatment of red bumps on the skin, treatment varies. Chemotherapy can be used. In this context, we say that chemotherapy is the treatment of red bumps on the skin by use of chemical substances. These chemical substances include pills and other solid, semi-solid or liquid chemical substances as such. In this case, mode of administration varies from topical to oral. In the case of oral administration, the patient takes medical prescriptions orally – through the mouth.

In the case of topical application, appropriate liquid or semi-solid chemical substances are rubbed locally on the affected region of the skin.

Materials that can be used to treat cases of red bumps on the skin include:

  • Topical application of Clotrimazole and Neomycin sulfate; especially in cases of acne caused by infection and other medications prescribed by your doctor for topical application
  • Oral administration of prescribed drugs
  • Administration of antihistamines like azatadine and acrivastine
  • Chimeraplasty – Chimeraplasty is an advanced method of treating red bumps. It is best applied to a situation in which red bumps are due to allergic reactions. It involves genetic tracing and manipulation in which the defective gene responsible for such allergic reaction is genetically engineered.

Red Bumps on Skin Remedies

There are various remedies by which the situation of someone with red bumps can be approached. One of such is ensuring a neat environmental condition, in which case, one avoids wearing wet clothes.

  • Improvising the environment as appropriate
  • Maintaining a serene and hygienic conditions
  • Proper used of prescribed medications


In our discussion so far, you have been informed a lot about red bumps on the skin, and you will agree that it is not something that one will want to live with.

Therefore, it is imperative to discuss ways of preventing red bumps on the skin. In the light of this, the following practice can help in preventing red bumps on the skin:

  • Maintaining a hygienic environment
  • Consulting a professional or expert before using any body cream
  • Be conscious of the type of materials used


Although, red bumps on the skin are not a though not to crack, but if left unattended to, it can result in serious complications which can include the following:

  • In the case of red bumps on skin caused by infection, it can lead to weakening of the body immune system due to heavy invasion of the body system
  • If the above mentioned point prevails, it gives room for multiple infection, since the body immune system is no more so good
  • Disfiguring of the skin
  • Social implications – You will not readily want to sit beside someone with red bumps all over the skin

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