Smelly Feet – Causes, Treatment and Remedies

What is Smelly Feet?

Smelly feet are also called as Foot Odor is a type of body odor that affects the feet that is considered as to be unpleasant smell. The unpleasant smell that comes from the feet is normally due to sweat. Sweat particularly has no odor but it can aide in development of bacteria to grow and produce a bad smell. Having smelly feet is uncomfortable as well as embarrassing in public. It is caused by bacteria called brevibacteria that consumes the dead skin of the feet that is common on foot soles and between toes.

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  1. Sweaty feet
  2. Poor hygiene
  3. Wearing shoes for long hours because of lack of air ventilation
  4. Too much hair on the feet can also contribute to odor intensity by adding surface area to the bacterial growth
  5. Shoes and socks that is made of synthetic materials that will lead the feet to sweat more
  6. Fabrics like nylon can lead to sweat and odor because they cannot absorb the sweat effectively
  7. Some foods can make the body smellier. Foods like garlic, curries, chili, onions and alcohol.

Treatment & Prevention

  1. Maintain good hygiene is a first step for preventing foot odor.
  2. Keep your feet clean by washing your feet regularly and used anti-bacterial soaps that is good to get rid and kill bacteria causing foot odor.
  3. Socks should be change regularly.
  4. Cotton Shoes and Socks or those with natural fabrics that can absorbs sweat .
  5. Using of Antiperspirant or Deodorant products for the feet. Antiperspirant products works by inhibiting the release of sweat in the body. Deodorants do not decrease sweat but they prevent odor that is cause by a bacteria.
  6. The feet should be kept dry all the time. Have a shoes and socks that can absorb sweat and that can help in passage of air to maintain the feet dry.
  7. Wear shoes that is completely dry because it will help to reduce bacteria causing the foot odor
  8. Use of Cedarsoles that can eliminate foot odor. Cedarwood is known for antifungal properties and it can work on the feet.

Home Remedies

  1. Apply tea to the foot : Using a soak of warm water and tea and soak your feet for at least 30 minutes and it will help eliminate the problems of smelly feet
  2. Use of Alum that can be seen at the spice section of the supermarket. Mix 1 teaspoon to a 1 gallon of water and soak your feet for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Use of Apple Cider Vinegar to control the odor. Mix one-third of the apple cider vinegar to a small pan of water or a pan that you can soak your feet and do it several times in a week.
  4. Use a baking soda and put it in your shoes because it will help to absorb odor as well as moisture.
  5. Use of Anti-bacterial soaps to kill and get rid the bacteria causing foot odor.
  6. Using isopropyl alcohol for at least two weeks. It’s cheap and highly effective cure for foot odor.
  7. Sprinkle some cornstarch or baby powder on your shoes every time you will wear it. This will help to absorb moisture from sweat and also it helps to keep your feet dry.

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