Helix Piercing(Forward, Anti, Triple) – Procedure, Aftercare, Pictures

What is Helix Piercing?

During the ancient times, body piercing is famously done such piercing included helix piercing. Some of people who lived in the western part of the world such as those in India, Nepal and Tibet are known to still practice such ancient ritual or procedure.

Helix Piercing Picture

Earrings attached at the upper ridge curve

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Helix Piercing Procedure

Here, we will discuss the basics on the procedure of the helix piercing. The following is the clean way to pierce the helix portion of the ears as suggested by the doctors:

  • The first and foremost thing that you should do is to wash and then rinse the hands thoroughly with a soap that is anti-bacterial
  • Next, you need to sterilize the needle which is used during the piercing procedure. To sterilize it, use soapy warm water and alcohol.
  • Then, you damp the piercing needle with the use of water and then add a few drops of soap that is anti-bacterial and lather it with the use of cotton bud
  • After that, with the use of a cotton bud, you removed and loosen the discharges that are crusted from the surface of the skin and the jewelry itself
  • Second to the last step requires you to keep the soap that is anti bacterial on the needle which is used for piercing or tool roughly for about two minutes and then rotating the jewelry so as to disinfect that penetrates to the area which is pierced
  • Last step is to rinse properly the area with water and leave it for a couple of minute to dry. You need to avoid wiping it to prevent infections to occur.

Helix piercing procedure

Helix piercing procedure

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The Aftercare of Helix Piercing

As a mandate, new piercing should never be, as much as possible, touched except when you are cleaning it. Studies show that any contact with pools, beauty sprays, puddles, body fluids, makeup and the like is discourage to prevent infection to occur. Also unwashed hands may also lead to infections. In addition to that, it is also discouraged to twist the jewelry that is pierced in your ear or ears as it will irritate and tear your ears and makes the healing period longer. In addition to that it also may have the possibility to lead into scarring hypertrophically.

Aside from that, it is suggested that you should clean your new piercings daily especially in the initial healing period but it should not be done frequently as it may lead to prolonging of the healing period and further more irritation. It is suggested that you use soaps that is antimicrobial and boiling water since cold water is a suitable environment for bacteria.
You also should not worry about localized tenderness and swelling for it is often normal during the new piercing period. Also, secretion of the lymphatic fluid builds up but you can clean them with the use of saline soaks.

What are the Types & Location of Helix Piercing?

Forward Helix Piercing

Forward helix piercing is placed horizontally which is directly seen above the person’s ear canal or above the tragus portion. It can be seen at the person’s front rim portion of the person’s ear.

Anti Helix Piercing

It is otherwise known as a snug which is a kind of ear piercing that passes through the anti-helix portion of the ear which is located medially to laterally.

Triple Helix Piercing

It is a type of helix piercing which is when you have a piercing which is located in the front area or the root of the helix of the ear which is encircled three times. It is a spiral kind of helix piercing which is done in triple or three times.

Spiral Helix Piercing

It is a kind of piercing that requires multiple piercing wherein there should be a relative position per piercing to be able to accommodate the spiral jewelry which is inserted.

Inner Helix Piercing

It is found in the crux of the helix which can be seen just above the ear canal’s opening.

Why do People Tend to Have Helix Piercing?

Persons, who opt for helix piercing, are in it for the mere pleasure of art which is made through adorning their ears with jewelry such as earrings. This kind of ear piercing can be made possible through a hoop, cuff style of ear piercing or the famous stud earrings. You can also opt for industrial, cuff, dangle and bioplast cartilage earrings which come from numerous styles and designs to choose from.

As mentioned earlier, helix piercing is famous in the ancient period. Historically speaking, the Greeks, Asians, Romans as well as Egyptians adopted this kind of ear piercing long before. They liked the idea of decorating their body with jewelries to adorn, for beautification purposes and also for warding off the evil or demons. Up to this point, although the purpose for warding off the demons are not the main reasons why people engage into helix piercing. They are engaging into it for adornment and beautification as well as other reasons behind it.

Helix Piercing Risks & Complications

The two most complications, which one should look into, that are associated with helix piercing are the following:


Infection can occur especially if one underwent unhygienic helix piercing method, the equipments used is made of poor quality or dirty, the person frequently fidgets the pierced area with his or her dirty hands, being able to wear tight earrings made of poor quality, had an improper way of piercing the ear.
Infection Picture

Ear infection due to unhygienic piercing procedure


There is also a risk for scarring which when an inexperience ear is pierced for the first time, it will lead to harm to the ear tissues which leads to scar formation surrounding the pierced ear which is characterized by a ridge or bump which may have bleeding tendencies.

To avoid such complications, one should follow hygienic procedure and get your ears helix pierced by an experience professional and also avoid swimming and other products which can lead to irritation.

How Long For Helix Piercing To Heal?

With regards to the healing period, it can take up to 3 to 12 months for it to completely heal. The healing period of one person to another will vary in the helix piercing procedure that you undergo as well as the suggestive things to avoid such as swimming, using of beauty products such as spray, fidgeting with the use of dirty hands, undergoing unhygienic procedures and the like. If the person who underwent helix piercing was mind full of doing hygienic practices and kept away from things that cause complications, then there is a big possibility that the healing period will be achieved faster.

Helix Piercing Pictures

Helix Piercing diagram

Source – cartilagepiercings.net

ear Piercing picture

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Helix Piercing


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