Swollen Uvula – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Remedies


What is Swollen Uvula?

Swollen Uvula is also termed by the medical professionals as Uvilitis. It just means that your uvula is inflamed. Uvula is a tissue that is hanging back in our mouth that aids in food passageway for it will not go to our nasal cavity that aids in our breathing and it helps in the sound we create when we are speaking. Having this kind of disease makes a person irritable and uncomfortable especially when eating, drinking and even just swallowing the saliva.

Uvula Location & surroundings

Picture 1 – Uvula Location & its surroundings structures

Signs and Symptoms

  1. Dry mouth and throat due to the inflammation experiencing by the person who has a swollen uvula even though that person drinks water there will be a feeling of dryness.
  2. Sore Throat due to infection or irritation that can contribute in having swollen uvula.
  3. Headache due to the irritation in the uvula.
  4. Throat Irritation can irritate the uvula and it can lead in inflammation
  5. There is a feeling to vomit because the irritation of the uvula the gag reflex is stimulated.
  6. Difficulty in Swallowing because of the irritation cause by the uvula.
  7. Roughness of voice because the uvula and throat is affected that aids us when we speak.
  8. Fever because of the infection that is present in the swollen uvula.
  9. Pus discharge is due to prolong unaided infection.
  10. Desire to cough due to the irritation that the person feels.
Swollen Uvula (enlarged uvula) Pictures
Picture 2 – Observe the red, enlarged Uvula in Swollen Uvula condition


There are different reasons that might lead in uvula swelling. These are the common causes for having swollen uvula:

  1. Bacterial or Viral Infection can lead to inflammation and soreness of the throat and the surrounding tissues.
  2. Dehydration is one of the common causes for having a swollen uvula. It is where the body only gets a little amount of liquid and the uvula is soak in saliva.
  3. Excessive smoking and inhalation of different pollutants that can lead to dryness of the uvula as well as it makes the uvula swell and became itchy.
  4. Allergies that will cause the uvula to swell.
  5. Throat diseases like common cold and sore throat can make the uvula inflamed.
  6. Trauma that can cause swelling of the uvula like eating spicy and hot substance, drinking of alcohol, and instruments that are inserted through mouth like endoscope.
  7. When the person is snoring because it leads to the malfunctioning or changes in breathing pattern which also affects the uvula is one of the reasons why the uvula is swollen.
  8. Drinking too much alcohol can cause dehydration as well as it leads to snoring that can cause swelling and irritation.


Medical experts diagnose if the person has a swollen uvula according to presenting signs and symptoms, by doing physical assessment to the patient.

(1) Medical History of the patient and

(2) Culture and Sensitivity to check for presence of infection in the uvula.


There are different ways that can be done in treating the swollen uvula. This disease is not a life-threatening and a serious problem this condition can be cured within 24 hours. These remedies are:

  1. Drinking water is one of the best remedies to treat swollen uvula. Dehydration is one of the causes of having the disease, so, to cure dehydration drinking water is one of the effective remedies to treat swollen uvula.
  2. Honey or Aloe Vera Juice is also known for treating swollen uvula.
  3. Eating garlic cloves and onion can help to cure the swollen uvula because of its anti-bacterial property and anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. Adding salt in the drinking water can help in curing throat irritation and inflammation.
  5. Cold drinks and beverages can also help in alleviating the irritation feeling caused by swollen uvula. You can use this kind of remedy if you do not have a cold.
  6. Gargle using the mixture of salt and water can help to treat swollen uvula by reducing the pain, irritation and swelling.
  7. Drinking tea with basil leaves is also known for the treatment of swelling of the uvula.
  8. Mix turmeric with cold or warm water. Turmeric is known for anti-inflammatory healing properties, so, it’s a good cure for swollen uvula that can relieve swelling and irritation.


Swollen Uvula normally doesn’t need a special treatment because it can cure at home but there are some instances that home remedies don’t help to cure or alleviate the Swollen Uvula. Go to the Otalaryngologist which are experts in this disease. If the swollen uvula doesn’t cure within 24-48 hours it is the best time to cure the swollen uvula by the medical professionals. This disease is not a life-threatening type but if you are diagnosed with this type of disease it is advised to seek immediate attention to avoid formation of other disease due to having Swollen Uvula.

  1. Medication to alleviate pain and swelling like Aspirin that can help to ease pain and swelling as well as to reduce fever.
  2. When there is a presence of bacterial or viral infection the doctor can give antibiotics to cure infection.
  3. Doctors also advised the patients to change some lifestyle habits like drinking alcohol as well as smoking because they can lead to irritation as well as infection and it can weaken the immune system of the body.
  4. If this disease recurs time to time normally the doctors advised the patients to have Adrenalin shots. In this disease, where the uvula is swollen the air passages constricts when given this shots it will help to reduce swelling as well as to reduce irritation caused by this disease that recurs every time.


There are no related specific complication having a swollen uvula because it’s not a severe problem that can harm any person having this kind of disease and if it’s treated as early as it’s diagnosed there will be no specific problem. These complications arise only if the person doesn’t seek immediate medical attention.

(1) Necrosis of the uvula that will lead of having a surgery that will remove the uvula. Removing the uvula can be a problem because of its function in the human system, as mentioned earlier uvula helps as when we eat foods and it helps us when we speak, so, removing it means the person will have difficulty when eating as well as when speaking.

(2) Severe infection because of the delayed seeking medical treatment. To avoid these two complications, it is advised that the person must seek medical attention if home remedies don’t became effective in treating swollen uvula.

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