What is Rhinophyma?

Rhinophyma is also called as Phymatous Rosacea, which is a severe complication of Rosacea. It is the third phase of Rosacea. It is characterized by a person having a red, large and bulbous nose. It is a skin inflammation, which is chronically affecting the patient’s nose. It comes from the Greek word “rhis” and “phyma”. Wherein “rhis” means nose and “phyma” means growth. It is commonly reported in men at the age of 30 years old and above. It is a slow progressing skin disorder. It is reported to be found in women at a rare occasion.

It is a medical term that refers to facial deformation, most specifically in the nose area. It is a rare skin disorder characterised by a large, red and bumpy nose. There is an increase size of the person’s nose. It is a hyperplasia or overgrowth of the sebaceous glands that are commonly found in the nose.

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Symptoms of Rhinophyma

When a person has been diagnosed with Rhinophyma, he or she will manifest the following symptoms:

  1. Waxy, yellow surface
  2. May be reddish in color
  3. Mild swelling of the nose
  4. Increase in the pore size of the person’s nose
  5. Thickening of the patient’s skin
  6. Overgrowth of sebaceous glands
  7. Many oil glands
  8. Tingling sensation in the person’s nose
  9. Skin fibrosis
  10. Facial redness
  11. Facial flushing
  12. Skin burning
  13. Bulb like or bulbous shape
  14. Enlarged nose
  15. Difficulty breathing because there is an extra growth tissue on the nose that hinders the nasal airways.
  16. Telangiectasis, wherein the person’s blood vessels, located in the person’s skin surface, are dilated.
  17. Dry eyes

Since it is also the last phase of Rosacea, it also shares the same signs and symptoms with Rosacea.

Causes of Rhinophyma

Some would say that the cause of Rhinophyma is due to too much consumption of alcohol, but the truth is that it is not really the case why such skin disorder exists. Up to now, the cause of rhinophyma is still unknown. It is however, the severe form of Rosacea. It is a condition that will last for many years and is consider stubborn.

Some of the factors that help in spreading the rhinophyma skin disease are as follows:

  1. Exposure to heat
  2. Exposure to sunlight
  3. Alcohol consumption
  4. Stress

Treatment of Rhinophyma

There are different ways to treat the persons diagnose with rhinophyma. However, there is no exact cure in the rhinophyma itself. The treatment will just lessen the symptoms. Such treatment includes:

Medical Treatment

Physicians will prescribe medications such as antibiotic. But antibiotic doesn’t work to heal the rhinophyma, but it will prevent the spread of the skin disease condition. Medications can be good for less severe type of rhinophyma. Such medications include oral, topical, and antibiotics such as tetracycline. You need to take the medication as indicated and prescribed by your trusted physician. You must never skip any dosages of your medication, for skipping will make the medications prescribed, not effective. Also, when you are prescribed with a certain medication, you need to ask your doctor or physician for its usual side effects.

Laser Treatment

It can be treated through the use of laser such as carbon dioxide laser. It works by reshaping and reducing the tissues found in the nose. It is has lesser bleeding tendency compared to the conventional and traditional surgical operation. It is a cosmetic surgery that reshapes the nose. It also obliterates telangiectasia.

Surgical Treatment

It is the standard treatment for this kind of skin disorder. The aim of this surgical treatment is to get rid of the excess tissue that lies on the patient’s nose. It even makes use of electrical brushes. While the physician in charge or surgeon for that matter will incise the surrounding tissue, he or she can form the appearance of the patient’s nose. After the surgical procedure, the nose will be expectedly red for about a year and after a long while, the patient’s normal skin will return.

Psychological Effects and Treatment

Patients with rhinophyma also encounter psychological problems. As we all known rhinophyma affects the face, which is the most sensitive part of the human body. People may get a low self-esteem because some people may get judged from the way they look. Society has negative comments to persons who have rhinophyma or has strange and awkward look. The patients with rhinophyma are often embarrassed by their condition.


Dermabrasion, also known as the usage of the rotating brush, is a kind of method treatment that reshapes and smoothens out the nose combined with other necessary procedures. It is a fine tuning procedure. It lessens the appearance of scar tissues. Some dermatologist would prefer removing the excess tissue through the use of the scalpel.

Electro Surgery

It is a surgery that uses electrical surgery that removes and cut the extra tissue with the use of electric currents.

It is important to know that the best treatment for rhinophyma is to treat the Rosacea itself before it progress the last phase of Rosacea, which is rhinophyma. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Non- Medical Treatment

  1. Facial massage may lessen the edema
  2. Sunscreen at least SPF factor 15 with both UVB and UVA
  3. Avoiding topical steroids
  4. Avoiding triggering factors that could lead to flushing such as consumption of alcohol, spicy foods, extreme temperature and hot liquids.
  5. Judicious use of cosmetics can improve the person’s appearance that lessens distress.
  6. If the skin is dry, you can use non-comedogenic emollient and hypoallergenic emollient creams.
  7. Diet modification
  8. Reduction of stress
  9. Don’t squeeze any pimple
  10. Avoid constantly touching the pimples
  11. Use oil-free sunscreen
  12. Wet, warm compresses that helps the pimple to drain
  13. Use anti-bacterial soap like Clearasil and the like
  14. You should keep a diary to keep track when your symptoms will occur or during flare-ups of your symptoms. This is often called as symptom diary.
  15. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible

Pictures of Rhinophyma

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